Brown Banded Roaches

Brown Banded Cockroach:

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The Brown Banded Cockroach is often confused with the German Roach, but it's habits are different.
They are often brought in dwellings in furniture.
Commonly found in the southern states, but may be found in warmer parts of buildings in the northern states.

Brown Banded Cockroach Appearance:

They are light brown,about 1/2 inch long.
They have two light, irregular bands along their wings.
The German Roach has two dark, distinctive bands behind their heads.


Brown Banded Roach Diet:

They prefer starchy materials, but being scavengers will eat almost anything.

Habits and Biology of Brown Banded Cockroaches:

The female will only carry the egg capsule for one or two days,then attach it to a protected surface. Each capsule contains 14-18 eggs, the young reach maturity in about 160 days. You can find these light brown egg capsules usually under or to the sides of a surface, well protected.

They don't require the same moisture resources as the German Roach, so they are commonly found in furniture, or on the walls and ceilings.

They are not as commonly found in they kitchen and bathrooms, as the German Roach, but can be found near refrigerator motors and other major appliances.
Also look behind pictures and in closets.

They are rarely seen during the day and may fly.
They prefer dry and warm places and may be scattered throughout the building.

Recommendations for Brown Banded Roach Control:

As with the German Roach a good quality roach bait would be recommended for the Brown Banded Cockroach. You may also want to add to the treatment with an aerosol first.

Follow the same recommended guidelines as the German Roach, but application would most likely not be restricted to mainly kitchens and bathrooms.

A thorough inspection would be required, as they are not restricted to moisture needs in the kitchens and bathrooms.

The Brown Banded and the German Roach are the most challenging of roaches to manage and eliminate. To accurately and completely eliminate these roaches you need to attack them from several tools using baits, dusts, growth regulators and pheromone traps.

The technology of the pest control market has switched to an integrated pest management like baiting ,dusting, and the use of insect growth regulators and pheromone traps against the German or Brown Banded roach, as opposed to just using a residual or contact insecticide either in an aerosol form or liquid form.


The products we recommend have not had a resistant problem.

Recommended Products: Baits, Aerosols, Insect Growth Regulators(IGR'S) and Roach Traps


1. Cockroach Baits : Invict Roach Bait Gel


  • invict roach bait gel Invict Roach Bait Gel has been proven very effective against the German Roach and Brown Banded Roach. This is one of the very best professional roach baits on the market.


    The application is very simple and easy, coming in a syringe. The gel formulation enables you to place the material into cracks and crevices and harbouring places.

Before treating any areas it is best to first take a flashlight and check these types of areas for nesting sites. You will be looking for their excrement droppings(looks like black pepper).
You may also want to use a aerosol with pryethrin like   CB-80 , or  V One Pyrethrum Aerosol sprayed to "flush-out" roaches out of these harbouring places .
These pyrethin aerosols will kill on contact, and serve you to find out where the German Cockroaches or Brown Banded Cockroaches are nesting.
Once you have determined where the roaches are nesting, it may be easier to know where to apply the Max Force gel bait.