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Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control

Mosquito Insecticide

Insect Fogger
propane fogger


Bonide's Insect Fogger

Insect Fogger

propane fogger

Since this propane fogger is a thermal fogger, only use oil based pryethrins.
Do not use water based pyrethrins.

Insect Growth Regulators

Mosquito Dunks-pk Bt israeliensis
1 pack of 6 dunks

mosquito dunks


Mosquito Bits

mosquito bits

8 oz shaker top jar

mosquito bits

Altosid Pro-G

altosid pro

altosid pro

Repelling Granules

dr t repellent




Mosquito Control Products

Mosquitos go through a complete metamorphosis: eggs, larvae, pupae then adults. Eggs are laid in standing water. The larvae then grows in the standing water. As a home owner, removing standing water and making desirable water uninhabitable by mosquitoes is the key to reducing mosquito populations. Removing the breeding sites wont stop mosquitoes from entering the property, but it will keep them from multiplying there.

Check gutters, making sure they aren't clogged. Eliminate accumulation of water in places like tires, cans, barrels, etc. Place Mosquito Bits anywhere standing water accumulates on a regular basis. Clean out bird baths once a week to remove new mosquito larvae. If you own a pool, check for standing water around the pool in foliage, etc. Also check the pool drains located away from the pool deck because they often have standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Use mosquito bits in the drains to keep the water from becoming a breeding location.

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Photograph by: J.L. Castner, University of Florida

Residual Insecticides for Lawn Spray

Use Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide or Bifen IT as a residual spray once a month or as needed on the lawn and foliage. (Read label instructions)

Insect Growth Regulators

Kills mosquito larvae in standing water

mosquito bits

Mosquito IGR (Insect Growth Regulators)

The insect growth regulators (biological control) are designed to kill mosquitoes before they hatch. IGRs come in the form of dunks, mosquito bits, and granules. Place them anywhere there is standing water. They are safe for children and pets. Typical Insect Growth Regulators continue to kill the larvae for 21-30 days. In the event there is a breeding site on public property notify the local health department.

Mosquito Repelling Granules

All natural repelling granules are used as short term mosquito control for special events. They work by confusing the mosquitoes ability to find your guests.

dr t repellent
Mosquito Repelling Granules - 5 lb.

Active Ingredients:
Lemon Grass Oil: 1.12%
Mint Oil: .08%
Garlic Oil: .40%
Total: 1.6% Inert Ingredients: 98.40%
Attapulgite hormite clay

    The Dr. T's Mosquito Repelling Granules is great for keeping mosquitos away from your yard and may be used in any area where mosquitos like to congregate and around people and pets. It is easy to apply with the sprinkler cap or broadcast spreader. Apply in the early morning after the dew is gone or later in the evening. Application should be when there is little or no breeze. One 5 lb container covers up to 4,000 square feet of area

    • Use for:
      Yard parties, outdoor weddings, pool parties, camping, schools, play grounds, golf driving ranges, soccer fields, little league parks, and any where people play and work.

Propane Foggers

Use foggers for a quick kill. Fogging is fast acting and helps knock down a mosquito population, but fog has no residual impact on mosquitoes that enter the propert in the future.

Fogging Compounds and Foggers

Water Based Pyrethrins to use in Misting Systems:

Riptide Pyrethrin ULV

Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV delivers effective mosquito control. 64 oz. mixes in 55 gallons of water for mosquito misting systems.


Traps mosquitoes

Patriot Mosquito Magnet MM4100
Patriot Mosquito Magnet MM4100 is used for trapping Mosquitoes, Biting Midges, Black Flies, No-See-Ums and more. The Patriot Mosquito Magnet MM4100 mosquito trap covers up to 1 acre, has an easy 3-step assembly, patented Counterflow Technology and is backed by 360 Consumer Support

More Foggers and Mosquito Misting System Insecticides


Fogging Compounds and Foggers

Indoor Mosquito Control

  • Seal all possible entry points. Repair doors , screens and windows.
  • Remove any standing water around your house

  • Use a contact pyethrin aerosol as a space spray. We suggest either PT 565 or CB 80
    These can be used as a hand held space spray to kill flying insects.
    The pyrethrin aerosol will give a quick kill of any flying insect pest indoors

  • You and also use an aerosol dispenser to provide a consitent, on going knock down of flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies that would be in a given area.
    The recommended dispenser would be Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
    Placed strategically, an aerosol dispenser can give constant knock down of mosquitoes and flies in an area up to 6,000 cubic feet.
    The dispenser uses a pyrethrin spray that applies a small burst of natural Pyrethrins according to the adjustable spray intervals: 7.5 minutes , 15 minutes or 25 minutes .
  • On Time Metered Aerosol is a good choice for commercial and residential use. It contains a high percentage of pyrethrins,.90% Pyrethrins, 1.80% Piperonyl butoxide technical
    This combination (Automatic Aerosol dispenser and V Tech Metered Aerosol) will help eliminate flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, flying moths which invade homes, restaurants and other businesses. Each can of Konk I contains 3,000 metered sprays, enough to last for about 30 days set at 15 minute intervals.
  • bg fogger

  • For larger fogging jobs inside, Electric Foggers and Fogging Compounds would serve your needs . For indoor use, fogging will give a quick knock down of many targeted pests: ants, roaches, spiders, fleas and ticks.
    Flying pests such as flies, gnats and mosquitoes are also targeted with fogging indoors.
    Outdoor applications usually target mosquitoes or other biting pests that ruin outdoor activities.
    With the spread of West Nile Virus and other diseases, many people are treating patios, lawns, shrubs and other outdoor surfaces for mosquitoes.