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Stinging Insects

Bee | Wasp Indentification

European and Africanized honey bee

European   Africanized
honey bee  honey bee ("Killer Bees")
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bees
5/8 inch-Brown or black with
yellow-striped abdomens.

The Africanized and domestic honey bees
closely resemble each other,
the Africanized bee is slightly smaller.
1 1/16th. inch
Bumble bees are large, hairy bees that collect and carry
pollen on their hind legs to bring it back to the hive.
Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee
Mud Dauber

Mud Dauber
13/16 inch7/8 inch
Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp
Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket
13/16 inch 5/8 inch