Honey Bees & Honey Bee Nest Removal

Bees and Wasps

Honey Bees can become a serious problem if they find an opening to nest in like, an opening in an exterior wall, faulty flashing of a home or chimney. After finding the opening, they nest in a wall void or some other interior area. The nest can survive throughout the winter if well protected.

The nests are made of wax cells, that may contain many pounds of reserved honey. If the bees are alive they have a built in "air conditioner", by fanning their wings to keep the wax from melting. If they are killed, this wax will begin to melt in the warmer months, causing the reserved honey to seep out. This may or may not cause a unsightly damage, but it would attract other insects.

It is advisable to have the complete nest removed. Colonies and swarms should only be removed by an experienced beekeeper. Removal of a colony in a structure may require several weeks.