How To Get Rid of Roaches and Kill Cockroaches

Cockroach control can be tricky because there are two main types of roaches (American and German) and they are eliminated using different techniques. If you need help identifying the type of roach call us at 1-800-476-3368 and we can explain the treatment options.

The smaller roaches are the German Roach and the Brown Banded Roach. The German Roach is the most common of the smaller roaches and the most difficult to control.German Roaches are a health hazard because they carry bacteria that is transmitted to humans. The main diseases are gastroenteritis including food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea

The most common larger roaches found in the United States are the American, Australian, Smoky Brown, Oriental Roaches and Woods Roaches. The most common is the American Roach. All the treatment options for the larger roaches are similar.


An important distinction is that the German Cockroach breeds inside and contaminates its living environment while the larger cockroaches do not. Most other larger roaches breed outside and are more of a nuisance than a danger, because they are not known to spread disease. Treatment options are different based on the roach. German roaches are primarily treated using roach baits and insect growth regulators. Other types of roaches are treated using insecticide concentrates.

On the left and right, you will see links that will describe the most common cockroaches in the United States and information for recommended cockroach control. You can also refer to this Roach Treatment Chart, for a quick glance.

Certain roaches gain resistance over time to pesticides so it is important to stay current with the best treatment options available on the market. Contact us if you need a recommendation.

Recommended German Roach Baits

maxforce impact roach bait

Maxforce Impact Roach Bait

invict gold roach bait

Invict Gold Cockroach Bait Gel

Both Maxforce Impact Roach Bait and Invict Gold Roach Bait are proven effective on German Roaches.

Invict Gold and Maxforce Impact acceptance is superior to other professional roach baits on the market and have seen some fast results.

Recommended American Roach Control Products


lambdstar ultracap

LambdaStar Ultracap 9.7 (Broader label and longer lasting-may be used inside or outside and will dry invisible. Lambdastar Ultracap has no smell. LambdaStar Ultracap will last longer outside and adhere to the surface better due to its encapuslated technology. It will yield 20-40 gallons

intice perimeter bait

Intice Perimeter Bait

Intice Perimeter Bait not only works well around the perimeter, but would also be excellent choices for crawl spaces and or attics.

Spray outside around doors, windows, pipe openings, and dryer vents. Apply also on the inside on the baseboards near the entry pts. On the inside-apply around the plumbing under the sinks and washer and dryer connections. You don't have to spray all the interior baseboards, just the corners and baseboards inside the garage and basement areas. .